Yes, we Can!

Aftermovie of ‘Yes, we Can!’ at V2_Lab for Unstable Media
Client: Self-commisioned
Services: Installation

Sound and lightscape installation immerses visitors in a bath of sounds. The installation, consisting of 16 jerry cans with light and loudspeakers, produces a three-dimensional soundscape bringing a space to life.

By using jerry cans, Walvisnest suggests a world above and below sea level. The compositions, sound and lightscapes were specially written for this multi-speaker installation and are best experienced when the visitor moves through the installation.

The installation got premiered on Oktober 12, 2018 at V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media during our Music and sounddesign exhibition. Recently, the installation was on view at Kunsthal Rotterdam during ‘Kunsthallucinaties’, part of the exhibition: Action <-> Reaction, 100 years of Kinetic Art.

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How to share with just friends.

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Aftermovie of ‘Kunsthallucinaties” at Kunsthal Rotterdam