Creators of music and sound

We amplify stories with a piece of music, soundscape or just a single note to break the silence.
At Walvisnest, stories and sound come together.

Listen to our projects below.


Walvisnest is specialised in music composition and sound design.

We create audio to strengthen stories and set the right mood for an experience.
Our work is used in films, theatre, museum and advertisement.

Walvisnest is founded by Jornt Jan Bras and Ard Janssen.

Jornt Jan Bras

Area of expertise: conceptual thinking and composition.

Is a conservatory graduate drummer and composer. During his bachelors in drums at the Rotterdam Conservatory he experimented with electronic drums to trigger audio, video and robotics. After his bachelor degree in drums he started his Master of Music research in Indonesian Gamelan music at the HKU in Hilversum and on Bali.

Jornt collects instruments and materials to use in his music. His productions are playful and catchy. His free work is released as Boom boom du Terre.

Ard Janssen

Area of expertise: composition, sounddesign, field recording

Ard studied electronic composition at The Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatory, The Hague). He creates audio sculptures which are sensitive, fragile, layered and are characterized by great detail. Also producing music as Ard Bit

Publications: Spanon (Album, 2009), Table For Two (EP, 2011) Yelleen (EP, 2012), Ellioth (EP, 2014)


Walvisnest is always up for new projects! Do you have a question or do you want more information? Call us or fill in the contact form:

walvis [at] walvisnest [dot] nl

Ard Janssen: +31(0)628064626
Jornt Jan Bras: +31(0)628116533