We amplify stories with a piece of music, soundscape or just a single note to break the silence.

Creators of music and sound

We amplify stories with a piece of music, soundscape or just a single note to break the silence.

Featured Projects


Futuristic music and tactile sound design for the introduction of exoskeleton solutions

De ijstijd

Ice cold soundscape for a 4 speaker surround setup.

Vers Beton x Open Rotterdam

Fresh podcast with a fresh tune

Airborne Experience

World War II military operation Market Garden through 60 speakers

About us

Walvisnest showing you the world thru sounds.

The rhythm of a vibrant city, the soft rustle of a gentle wind thru a wide grain field. Mysterious sounds from an underwater world. A wide range of sounds collected from nature and objects. Processed or combined by sound synthesis.

Walvisnest is founded by Jornt Jan Bras and Ard Janssen. We’re both passioned musicians with a love for exploring new paths thru the jungle of sounds.  Our productions are a combination of music and sound design thru found sounds, syntheses and musical instruments. Combining those elements to create new sounds with an organic feel. We take inspiration from our surroundings; nature, our city the city of Rotterdam with it’s industrial harbor aria and busy streets. We listen to stories, collect and create the sounds to take you to imaginary places.

We’re also known as Boom boom du Terre and Ard Bit

Dipping the brush in our ever-growing palled of sounds. A vibrant mixture of colours and textures from field recordings, sampled material and sound synthesis. Atmospheric drones in the  background with a melody of strokes on top. Highlighted with sound effects to add interesting …. . Creating a composition like a painting on a canvas.


Walvisnest is always up for new projects! Do you have a question or do you want more information? Call us or send an e-mail

walvis [at] walvisnest [dot] nl

Ard Janssen: +31(0)628064626
Jornt Jan Bras: +31(0)628116533