We love to enrich stories with music and sound design!
Whether it is a podcast or a (non) fiction film, the starting point is always to strengthen a project with well-fitting sound design.

We have selected a number of special projects that show how our work could also be used for dance and theater


Futuristic music and tactile sound design for the product introduction video of Skelex. This innovative company designs, produces and sells customized exoskeleton solutions for large-scale production companies.

We can imagine that such an atmosphere also fits well in a performance


We created a soundscape, for Jonas Vorwerk’s project Lichthouders,  in which audio loops were linked to light patterns. The installation consisted of large circles in which the audience could stand in the middle and experience the surround sound and image. The composition was written for a multi-speaker setup of 8 speakers and consisted of random parts, making every moment unique.

Below an example:

Lichthouders was exhibited at the Glow festival in Eindhoven, below a short impression video:

Room to Learn

“Room to Learn” depicts different atmospheres, from calm to sad and then hopeful and fresh.

The project for Gispen and Mecanoo is about a learning environment that is better suited to the times and that can lead to better learning performance through inspiration and motivation.


We have selected these two projects to show work with acoustic instruments. We often make a combination of synthesizers and acoustic instruments, such as drums and percussion.  This can be heard clearly in certain scenes such as the closing scene of Hemelpoort.


Watertanden is a book about food and eating habits. The video shows a hunter hunting a cookbook. In the composition we have tried to suggest a feeling of hunting by means of the guitar melody and when we eat we think of French cuisine, hence the choice for accordion.

Free work

In addition to the music compositions that we make on commission, there is also free work that should not be missing on this page. Below you can hear a number of pieces from our solo projects Ard Bit (Ard Janssen) and Boom boom du Terre (Jornt Jan Bras).

Ard Bit
Amazing Bubble II
Ard Bit
Six Scores One
Track: Ffog
Boom boom du Terre
Blood Red
Track: Mursi
Boom boom du Terre
Blood Red
Track: Totum