In de Hoogstraat

Sound design and field recordings transforming an exhibition into an experience

Client: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Services: Sound design

About the exhibition

The Hoogstraat is a street full of stories, from gnome to pram, from horse to cookie. It is one of the oldest roads in Schiedam, a shopping street and a residential street. And almost exactly in the middle is the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

The street symbolizes many shopping streets in the Netherlands where scarcity and abundance, trends and traditions left their mark. This summer, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam puts the street in the spotlight with the exhibition In de Hoogstraat. Stories from a shopping street.

More about the museum here.

About the process

We took our mics to the shopping street in Schiedam on a sunny spring evening. The people of Schiedam where enjoying the first sunny evening on the street, bars and stores which gave us a nice opportunity  to collect sounds for the soundscape.