Creators of music and sound

We amplify stories with a piece of music, soundscape or just a single note to break the silence.

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Walvisnest is specialised in music composition and sound design.
We create audio to strengthen stories and set the right mood for an experience.
Our work is used in media and experiences.

The right mood for an experience:
Immersive sound is our speciality, from an intimate room ambiance setting to large multi speaker surround setups.
We know how to add music and sound to tell a story in three dimensions.
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Strengthen stories:
Good stories have good soundtracks. Call us!
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Soundtrack playlist

Walvisnest is founded by Jornt Jan Bras and Ard Janssen. Also known as Boom boom du Terre and Ard Bit.


Walvisnest is always up for new projects! Do you have a question or do you want more information? Call us or send an e-mail

walvis [at] walvisnest [dot] nl

Ard Janssen: +31(0)628064626
Jornt Jan Bras: +31(0)628116533