Chocolate Nation

The Belgian Chocolate experience

Client: Tinker Imagineers
Services: Multi-speaker sounddesign

About the installation

Coming winter in Antwerp, right in front of the Central Station, the newest attraction of the city opens: Chocolate Nation. An innovative experience museum of more than 4,000 m2 that is completely dedicated to the world-famous Belgian chocolate.

The past six months we have worked on the sound design for the impressive chocolate factory. This life-size factory puffs, growls and comes to life through 24 speakers as if a real machine is running.

About the process

After several meetings with Gijs Leijdekkers, experience designer at Tinker Imagineers, we started the preparations for the recording of sounds for the chocolate factory. We choose former grain factory Maassilo in Rotterdam as our ‘hunting area’ and with the recorded material gathered we made the first sketch.

This sketch gradually transformed into a real and living cast iron machine and ready for the final but challenging stage; mixing the sounds for 24 speakers at Chocolate Nation in Antwerpen.

About the result

Chocolate Nation opened its doors on 12 January 2019.

Listen to the  stereo version: