We love to enrich stories with music and sound!
Experiences become unique as we design sound for multi-speaker setups, creating an immersive three-dimensional sound experience.


We have selected some special projects:

An enchanting 3d soundscape with Yes, we Can!. Ice-cold sound design for Naturalis. The ‘Battle of Arnhem’ through 65 speakers in the Airborne Museum. The surround soundscape of the Zaans Museum. A decor that comes to life at Chocolate Nation and the futuristic sound experience at Lichthouders.

Yes We Can!

16.1 speaker setup (16 speakers,   1 subwoofer)

Sound and light art installation made of 16 jerry cans equipped with speakers and light bulbs. Each jerry can has a unique sound track and light signal. The 16 sound tracks together form a three-dimensional light and sound artwork that the spectator can lie under on or walk through.

Soundscapes combined with natural sounds take the listener on a journey above and below sea level. Portions of the light and sound compositions are generated on the spot, creating a unique experience every time. Both the installation and the compositions were developed by us without any budget. The installation is made from recycled material.

Naturalis “De ijstijd”

Quadraphonische speaker setup (4 speaker setup).

Past raging herds of Bison and roaring Mammoths on a bed of fresh wind through the heather landscape of the Netherlands in the Ice Age. An audio backdrop for the Naturalis exhibition on ice age biodiversity.

The composition tells the story depicted on a large scale model of the Netherlands. The challenge was to show the different elements without creating a cacophony of roaring animals. The wind blows across the landscape from all directions and together with the sounds coming from different directions it creates a spatiality in which the model is central.

Airborne Experience

60.3 speaker setup (60 speakers, 3 subwoofers)

In the underground Airborne Experience you literally walk through the story of the Battle of Arnhem, step by step. You follow in the footsteps of a British parachutist and go on a mission…

In the Airborne Experience, history comes to life through a three dimensional sound-field and compelling music, realistic reconstructions and life-size film fragments as you walk through the successive chapters of the Battle of Arnhem. Suddenly you are between the fierce fighting in the Arnhem streets of the 1940s. The sound of a ravaging war: shots, strikes, English cries, German orders, the fear of people in hiding.

The music we have written for the experience is compelling and enhances the atmosphere and emotion at appropriate moments, in combination with the three-dimensional sounddesign a magical scene is created.

De Zaanstreek maakt het!

8.1 speaker setup (8 speakers, 1 subwoofer)

Surrounded by video, light and sound, the experience of the Zaansmuseum tells the story of the industrial history of the Zaan region. It is not a conventional exhibition in a museum; every half hour the exhibition comes to life with video, light and sound and turns into a true spectacle. We did the overall sound design and composed a soundscape for an 8.1 surround surround system.

Chocolate Nation

24.2 speaker setup (24 speakers,  2 subwoofers)

An experience like Charlie’s in the chocolate factory awaits you at Antwerp’s Chocolate Nation.

24 speakers placed in the moving decor bring the chocolate machine to life. Speakers on the ceiling also suggest that the cocoa beans are flowing overhead through the funnels into the machine. After the production process, the trucks drive delicious Belgian chocolate out of the exhibition space.


8 speaker surround setup

We created a soundscape, for Jonas Vorwerk’s project “light holders”,  in which audio loops were linked to light patterns. The installation consisted of large circles in which the audience could stand in the middle and experience the surround sound and image. The composition was written for a multi-speaker setup of 8 speakers and consisted of random parts, making every moment unique.

Below an example:

Lichthouders was exhibited at the Glow festival in Eindhoven, below a short impression video: